Digital Redlining

Digital technology and services continue to be prioritized for white, affluent communities. Cities can avoid the mistakes of the past and improve how they initiate and plan digital services so that communities of color and low-income communities aren’t left behind and are able to enjoy the full economic benefits of being on the right side of the digital divide. In this session, we’ll explore how cities can embrace solutions for building inclusive access to the digital world.


Trey Mendez, Mayor, Brownsville, TX | NewDEAL Leader
Zeke Cohen, Councilmember, Baltimore, MD
Andria McClellan, Councilmember, Norfolk, VA | NewDEAL Leader
Ryan Coonerty, Former mayor of Santa Cruz, CA Supervisor, Santa Cruz County, CA | NewDEAL Leader
Dolan Beckel, Deputy City Manager, San José, CA